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The Beer

Craft Amber Lager

Route 66® Craft Amber Lager is a full bodied craft lager. Brewed longer than most American lagers to impart its unique flavor and color. It delivers a bolder more complex flavor thanks to its premium hops, particularly Cascade. This makes it the beer of choice for those who want a bolder beer than mainstream lagers.


This beer is a highly drinkable Lager with broader malt flavour, including a subtle sweetness, thanks to a unique blend of American malts, including caramel malts. Hopping is nearly double that of American mainstream lagers, as indicated by the higher IBU levels.


It delivers a bolder, more complex beer than most mass brewed American beers, thanks to premium hops from the Pacific North West, particularly cascade hops, making it the beer of choice for those who want a bolder beer than mainstream lagers but are put off by the taste of IPA.
At last, a lager that tastes as lagers used to before the big companies got their hands on them. Try it NOW!

The Road

Route 66 is justifiably the most famous road in the world. The opposite of the impersonal interstate. It connects the Midwest with the West Coast of America. Along the way it transcended its role as a mere road, became the stuff of legend and the path to the Promised Land. Millions of people have travelled this road. They are the heroes of this story. Refugees from every country made this life or death journey to America, often their ultimate goal being the Sunshine State of California.
America offered hope and opportunity and Route 66 became the road to travel on to make your dreams come true.
This cross country trip became a cultural icon and a monument to crazy Individuality. The weird and wonderful roadside attractions often reflected local history and lore, inviting you to stop a while. Dramatic rugged wilderness and historic sites together with neon signs, drive-in restaurants and friendly motels make this an unforgettable experience.
Over the last 86 years the legend has grown and become ever more important to Americans and the world. Travellers and adventurers know that this is more than just a journey from here to there. It’s a way of being. It’s a state of mind. It’s part of what makes America great.
Let’s keep it that way. Let’s celebrate.

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